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Thursday June 29 2017 

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2015 Bring a mate to training.
Mar 2, 2015, 10:02 pm

A terrific day at Marcellin again (we believe God is a Baldie) for the Bring a mate to training day. 

Fantastic turn-up of players, well over 50 new and old faces, wives, girlfriends, kids and dogs - even a few teenagers early on a Sunday morning!!!
Thanks to Ricey, Buna and Skip for manning the BBQ. Thanks to the suppliers of the food and a special thankyou to our sponsors including The Harp of Erin hotel, Donnellan's, T.W. Plastering, Steve Theodore Racing, Boags, HES Hoisting equipment, Mayfair Group, BLUE NRG and Icon Sports Apparel. Hope i haven't missed anyone. 
Go to photos for the pics.

Baldies Season Launch and Bring a Mate Day - Sunday 1st March
Feb 23, 2015, 11:08 pm

The big day has arrived and 2015 kicks off with a bang on Sunday......

Dont miss out, and bring a mate!


Sunday 1 March at 8:30am

The OLDCROCK award
Feb 10, 2015, 11:49 am


I want to glean the Bald response to a new perpetual trophy. I've asked Cam Norseworthy to acquire the used hips from Buna and Kenny to construct it - a fitting tribute to two men who have given their hearts, souls and now hips to the Bald cause. (The prototype was put together from old hips Cameron had listed on ebay - Silvagni and Barassi I believe.) The award will be the Old Crock award and will be presented to the old bastard that' just went on that bit too long'. I intend to be the first recipient followed closely by either Hyphen or Mick Dima. 

2014 Bring a mate to training day.
Dec 21, 2014, 5:45 pm

2014 Baldies Bring-a-mate to training day. Beautiful weather yet again and the grounds like a plush green shagpile. Thanks to Leon once again.
Great turn up with wives, kids, dogs and a smattering of Baldmen. 
New faces, and old. The kids had a ball as did the players.
Wonderful work from so many especially Helen face-painting in the heat, Dean arriving very early to set up his pop-up sun shade, Ricey and boys on the BBQ and especially Skip who organised his good mate Santa to make an appearance. Great stuff. Harv
Go to www.baldies.com.au to see all the photos and the kids caricatures - when I get them up.


Who's who in the Bald Zoo!
Oct 20, 2014, 11:04 am


I re-present - 'Who's who in the Bald Zoo.'

For all the good work the Bald Eagles do for mental health I go a long way to, not only destroying it, but dancing on it's grave a little bit.

HOWEVER - I believe I am most nasty on myself (although 1/2 and Xav might disagree.)Frankly I did the Johnny Harv lookalike only after I was aware he wouldn't be able to attend!

Again, for those not present, I put these together while suffering from a hangover that may have maimed a small horse and probably finished Vito completely. That's why they started out as lookalikes and took a left turn into the Bald Zoo. It was a holistic and unlifting experience hunting for the spirit animal of some of the characters of our Baldiverse. The fact that you derive humour is a disgrace and you should be ashamed.

So Enjoy and as usual - if there are any complaints, letters to the editor or threats of violence - speak to Buna.

It's all Buna's fault.


















TEDC's Corner

Who is TEDC?
Feb 18, 2013, 6:44 pm

Hi Baldies and Baldies supporters! TEDC stands for The Evil Doctor Crimmins, a ruthless character made up by cartoonist Paul Harvey in the wonderful series called the Bald and the Beautiful which went out by email many years ago after each match. Evil? Hope not. Doctor? Yes!! And one who is very interested in Men's Health which is the essence behind us chasing a footy around at our ages. In this column I will present Men's Health topics to assist you in looking after yourselves. Harv and I have just completed our second book on men's health called Blokes' Health 2: the 3 D's - Depression, Diabetes and Dicks. This is a follow up to Blokes' Health 1. Both are essential reading. They are cheap at $12, have big font, a small number of pages and lots of funny Harv cartoons. I have heaps to sell ( my accountant is worried) so text me on 0419 370 148  or email me on bcrimmo@bigpond.net.au to order a copy or copies ( for those other males in your family). Stay happy and healthy and see you at training. Buna/TEDC/Dr Bernie Crimmins/ #51



Blokes' Health2 cover



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